100% Norway 2011

August 31, 2011

Daddy Longlegs bar stools by Martin Solem

My great grandfather Alf Swensen built the doll house that launched my love of design. A Norwegian immigrant, he made it for my grandmother, his own daughter. It was upstairs at her house that little me would arrange and restore Great Grandaddy’s house, all the while dreaming of someday doing the same on a larger scale.

So naturally I feel a special kinship to my Norse ancestry when it comes to design, and I like to keep tabs on what’s happening back in the “mother country.” Thus in perusing the entries for this year’s 100% Norway exhibition, the 1/8 of me that is Norwegian was bursting with pride.

Now in its 8th year, 100% Norway seeks to bring the best to Norwegian design to an international audience as part of the UK’s 100% Design event this September. This year six designers and six manufacturers presented an inspiring collection of work ranging from “modern twists on traditional themes to unique contemporary objects. All of the products are bound by their sustainable and innovative qualities.” Here are some of my favorites:

Evergreen glass pendant lamp, designed by Vibeke Skar & Jens Praet for Northern Lighting

Evergreen pendant in black

Ola Windsor, designed by Alf Sture for Tonning

Tableware by Wik & Walsøe

classic Spinnaker chair and the newly release Relax chair from Spinnaker

Tint lamp, designed by Magnus Pettersen

I’m only scratching the surface here. For a complete list of products and prototypes, be sure to visit 100% Norway’s website.

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