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April 24, 2012

my photo – pantry window

Following up on Gramma’s house with some weekend shots of my own home. I’ve also included a few snapshots that my Aunt Jessie took.

It’s so interesting to see my space through someone else’s lens. In the juxtaposition I notice how idealized my own photos seem to be. Even if a picture is slightly eschew, it’s all still “pretty.” Jessie’s images, taken at night, are more raw, artistic.

my photo in orange

for some reason the pantry at Salt Timber has been dubbed “the shop.” So this small painting, which Aunt Jessie and Stephanie bought for me in South Africa, is perfect for it.

Jessie’s photo in orange – my frig with painting of Solvi by my brother

my photo – “shop lamp” (both the light and the cup next to it are from Solstice Home)

Jessie’s photo – “shop lamp”

my photo – “pear tree branch”

Jessie’s photo – pear tree branch

my photo of a detail

Jessie’s photo – kitchen detail

my photo of rain off the back roof (need to scrape the mildew off next weekend!)

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