a dream room by colette bream

March 12, 2012

Colette Bream does kids’ bedrooms just the way I would. Using old-world pieces, modern hues, and whimsical accents, she creates a realm that is friendly and cozy, but also full of adventure.

In this room, I see an homage to a million fairytales. Handmade from custom fabrics and accented with cheerful bows, Colette’s organic quilts and mattresses make for a fantastical bed. Neither too pretty nor too tough, her bedding is equally perfect for a pirate quest or a princess palace. Colette’s lambswool and cotton cushions too – in the shapes of houses, animals, clouds, and stars – are imaginative and merry. They can be layered for comfort or strewn about to create a magical realm. Likewise her toys double as playthings and decor. Whether you wear Colette’s animal tails to the land of the Wild Things or simply hang them on the wall, they are equally charming.

The result is a room full of wonder and fantasy, that is not so literal as to stifle a child’s imagination. Both playful and sophisticated, Colette Bream’s room is one that cradles kids in comfort, but encourages them to soar.

A room created by Colette Bream for Babiekins Magazine.

Cushions and accents by Colette Bream.

The ideal toddler bed by Colette Bream.

Animal creations by Colette Bream.

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