a spectacle of skulls

October 13, 2011

Tiny crocheted skulls by Dewey Decimal Crafts. Larger sizes, glow in the dark models and even masks are also available.

Most of us have seen enough horns and animal bones in homes to understand their decorative appeal. But human skulls? They still seem a bit too macabre for all but the most gothic of us. But really you don’t have to be Hamlet or Marilyn Manson to enjoy a cranial display. Just like Renaissance painters knew, skulls can add a nice layer of allegory to your home, or a pinch of darkness, even a trace of whimsy. An old lab skull, for example, could be a welcome contrast in a shabby chic home. A crocheted head, a much-needed folksy element in an industrial flat. Especially when you consider how many different forms skulls come in, there is no reason to restrict your boney decor to Halloween. So if you’ve been suppressing that bit of Edgar Allen Poe in you, here are a few inspired examples of skulls in the home.

ThisĀ Norwegian Cabin in Kvitfjell has a number of deathly accents. Just add lots of white and light and you go from merely morbid to something much more complex. (Via Remodelista.)

The guys at Cardboard Safari have long been favorites of mine. Their white skull is almost happy in death.

Can you imagine the mantel of Alison Feldman and Jeff Bergstrom against a faded wallpaper or dark hue? Scary! But against this lively blue it’s quite cheery, and so much more intriguing. (Via Design*Sponge.)

Along with the vibrant lamps that I’ve featured here, Ursula of EarthSeaWarrior is the mistress of macabre. These skulls carved from real reindeer horn are but one example of a plethora of skulls in her collection.

A terminator skull from The Selby. Just great. (Via Emma’s Design Blog)

Not a skull, but literally a cranium, this hand-blown, glass brain in a jar by Kiva Ford is ironically adorable.

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