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October 12, 2012

As I told Anja, when it comes to featuring her work, I don’t know where to begin. That’s because Anja’s work includes art, interiors, and photography… all of it equally compelling.

Hailing from Groningen, the Netherlands, Anja Mulder is an artist whose work includes: portraits, collages or “collections”, as well as pen and ink drawings. Her home too is a source of inspiration, another canvas of expression.

Thus Anja’s is a diverse portfolio, and each art form is distinct. Her portraits, for example, are dark, direct, and minimal, the personality of the subject completely filling the image. Her collages, on the other hand, have a number of elements, and one has to sit with them a bit to see all. And then there are Anja’s pen and ink drawings, which are charming and often intricate.

And yet all are distinctly Anja. For pervading her work there is a wit, a playfulness, or a subtle twist, a complexity, a personality. So that nothing is too pretty or too dark, or, like life, too perfect.

a shelf with Anja’s work including a letterpress menu she did for Kinfolk magazine
You can buy some of Anja’s work at her mini shop.

my personal favorite: this pen and ink tapir drawn on old book paper

spring collection

leaves collection

portrait of a dog

see more portraits click here

All photos copyright Anja Mulder. Used with the permission of the artist.

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