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May 18, 2012

“The Big Bang,” Anna Garforth

Moss has always been one of my favorite plants. Singly it’s a small, unassuming thing. En masse it’s a rich carpet of green, plush under the toes and vibrant to the eyes. It is also among the most archetypal of plants; the garden of faeries, it lines the avenues of enchantment. Yet it also symbolizes decay or the reclaiming by Nature of that which was made by man.

No wonder then, that this tactile, vivid, evocative plant should inspire new heights of creativity. I particularly admire the dramatic installations of artists such as Anna Garforth, or the ceramic “pods” by Mineo Mizuno, or the Eco Street Art by Edina Tokodi. But the more intimate applications for house and even, body, can be equally breathtaking.

“The Big Bang,” Anna Garforth

“Moss Cross” by Anna Garforth

detail “The New Economics” by Anna Garforth. For a DIY on this project see Design Mom.

DIY moss chair alla Anthropologie via TISL Style; moss pendant by Mr. Lentz; terraform sculpture by Robert Cannon

Mineo Mizuno, Untitled Ceramic image via Samuel Freeman Gallery; green grass ring by Seahag and Walrus; moss mound by Flores Del Sol

DIY moss silhouette garden by Studio G; Eco Street Art by Edina Tokodi, via Through a Green Lens; moss garden key chain by Anne Kirstin

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