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March 6, 2014

Thank God I work for a design blog, otherwise I fear I would never get anything done on my house. As it is I actually find myself volunteering for Remodelista deadlines, just to force my hand.

My latest project – stenciling Oliver’s room – however was a bit too much. Not because the stenciling was hard – actually it was much easier than Solvi’s room – but because I decided to couple the paint job with a total room makeover, including buying, assembling and painting Ikea furniture, all before I left for Paris. Crazy making.

But that’s all behind me now, and with just a few finishing touches and brightening accents left, I’m going to sit back and enjoy the results.

Even as “before” shots go these, from when we were moving in, are unfair. But in my excitement to finally cover up the pale lemon yellow walls, I forgot to take shots of the room as it was. Alas, these are the only ones I have.

For the project, I chose a Scandi-inspired Taiga stencil from StenCilit. One of Oliver’s favorite books is about the Taiga or Boreal Forest, so the theme seemed pretty appropriate.

base coat = Benjamin Moore Decorators White. I think I might choose something a tad bit warmer next time.

the gray for the trees, left over from a bathroom job (coming as soon as I get new sconces) = Benjamin Moore Thunder

The steps are pretty obvious from the photos, but you can visit Remodelista for the full tutorial.

Finished, more or less. I think I’ll add some more trees up top.

Also, I inherited the sconces, seen here, with the house. I’m considering minimal, industrial lamps like these to add a more masculine and modern, but still warm, touch.

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