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September 13, 2011

Leaf-Its, Ginko

As a child Korean designer Sangwoo Nam delighted in the small pleasures of nature in his own back yard. But as adults he noticed, we tend to loose our connection with Mother Earth, much to our detriment. Appree Design is Nam’s attempt to bring some of nature’s inspirations back into the concrete world of the corporate office, with organically inspired small objects that celebrate Nature’s most unassuming moments of beauty.

More creative and fun than pale yellow squares, Appree’s leaf-its are also a much lovelier way to leave notes and place marks. Available in original tree leaves, maple, ginko, and soon to be released winter leaves.

Leaf Its, Maple

Reminiscent of Asian paintings of misty mountains, Appree’s Forest Bookends celebrate our fleeting glimpses of Nature’s creatures. On one side a shy doe peeks out of the bushes, while on the other only the closest inspection reveals a resting fawn.

Despite Kleenex’s best efforts with boxes, tissues rarely ever achieve any level design sophistication. Until now. More like an origami blossom, Appree’s Flower Tissue Box makes art of the most utilitarian of objects.

Original Leaf-Its

Water Drop Magnets – because almost nothing is more simply beautiful than drop of water

Sprout Magnets (prototype)

Leaf-It Installation at Martino Design in Bologna, Italy

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