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March 6, 2013

People often assert that the Internet has made us shallow. They bemoan the fact that relationships fostered online are somehow more superficial than those we have with people in the flesh. “Virtual” is the term often used — and I suppose that can be true, as much as it is possible to put on airs and not really open yourself up to the people you meet in person. But this has not been my experience. In fact, (as I have often said) one of my favorite things about being a blogger is how it has enabled me to expand my network of like-minded friends. Yes, these relationships are different, but does it then follow that they are less valuable?

Today, as I write, I am surrounded in my office not by gifts from “flesh friends,” but by presents from far flung sympaticos as well as those close at hand, who have read my blog, who respond to this particular side of me, and who share my passion for design and the small moments that make life beautiful. Perhaps it is because I am putting something authentic out there, that I get a very authentic response back. But it is clear that the connections are real, that my world has not been “dumbed down” but, rather, expanded.

So, “thank you,” Internet Friends near and far, for the inspirations you send and for your support. Most recently you, Xenia, who, with your own two hands, made this lovely garland for me and shipped it all the way from Cyprus. It arrived just yesterday, exquisitely packaged. I hung it over my desk along with Angela’s calendar and Sarah’s card.

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