BMIX pure mold lamps

February 11, 2014

Over the past few years, our urge to pay homage to the inherent beauty and elemental nature of objects has resulted in a fair number of simple lamps, where nothing more than the bulb and base take center stage. One of my favorite examples of this trend are the pure mold lamps by the Korean design firm BMIX.

With nothing more than a concrete base, in either white or gray, and varying bulbs, BMIX lamps are electric lighting in its most minimal form. Yet these lamps are not just utilitarian and cold. Rather, by stripping the form of any distracting “fluff” that seduces the eye but neglects the other senses, the designers at BMIX are able to engage you in a more subtle and intimate way – enticing you to touch the textured concrete base and feel the warmth of delicate filament. The effect is somewhat similar to that of a single white candle: not flashy, but much more pure and personal.

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