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January 19, 2012

My husband and I have a problem with chairs. It’s not that he’s a heavy guy, but true to his Scandinavian heritage, Chad is built like a Viking… a broad Viking. I’m a bit more petite. Our taste in chairs seems to run along the same lines as our body types. I favor what my mother (another Viking) calls “spindly” seating. (I prefer the term “lithe.”) My husband favors chairs that “don’t break under him.” Fair enough.

Thus it was that I recently admired the Mattiazzi Branca Chair on Storie blog. It’s so airy and graceful, but it also looks sturdy. Designed by Sam Hecht of Industrial Facility, Branca harkens back to a time when chairs were simple and well built. But its sinuous form also gives it a decidedly modern feel. The seamless construction is designed to mimic the effect of tree branches (hence the name). With all those generous curves it also looks comfortable, which is a plus in chairs.

detail branca chair and table

she said chair

Mattiazzi also designed this similar She Said chair, which is part of a He Said/She Said pair by Studio Nitzan Cohen. Both are great, but perhaps not surprisingly, I prefer She Said.

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