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May 11, 2012

Hedgehog brush by Redecker. Photo by Renilde de Peuter.

Yep. A moment of pure indulgence here.

Several weeks ago, I admired Renilde’s portrait of her new hedgehog brush by the renown German brush makers at Redecker. I love the way Renilde plays with both sides of his character – the brush and the Hedge – by surrounding him with flowery debris. Is he going to root around in it or sweep it up? Hmmmmm.

I quickly knew that I wanted to feature this excellent image. But I couldn’t decide. Was he the lead for a piece about hedgehogs or brushes? What to do?

Well sometimes indecision is also the mother of invention (I guess). I decided to follow Renilde’s lead by honoring both Hedge’s form and function.

So here you go. At the very least I hope my motley mix of wiry, spiky things puts a smile on your face this Friday.

one of a set of wooden hedgehog card holders by Mielasiela; hand-felted hedgehog toy by Glad O Art; Redecker lint brush with rubber bristles

lavender pouch from Foxy and Winston; hedge bag in black by Late Night Drawing; Redecker table sweep

hedge glass cup; DIY paper hedgehog; Redecker fly swatter (The prettiest you’ll ever see.)

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