btw ceramics

October 31, 2011

Porcelain cup and plate by btw ceramics

Once upon a time, Brooke Winfrey took her first ceramics course at Hunter College, and she never looked back. Now a full fledged ceramic artist, this Brooklynite produces inspired clay vessels under the moniker of btw ceramics.

Individually crafted from clay slabs, Brooke’s work “embraces the organic variations that come from hand building.” Her wonky forms lay bare the creative process rendering each piece utterly unique. Similarly her deliberately marred finishes, which are variegated, cracked, and wobbly, add personality and whimsy. And yet, in balance, there is a refinement to Brooke’s work. Her forms are simple, restrained. Their minimal silhouettes possess a delicate grace. The results are pieces that are evocative on so many levels. Playful, primitive, sophisticated and rare.

bowls by btw ceramics

raku bowl pair by btw ceramics

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