August 20, 2012

feathery party decor by Fig and Fauna

Somewhere between the ethereal realm of faeries and the earthy domain of bugs, butterflies really are paradoxical, magical things. Marvels of nature – gossamer, ephemeral, fleeting, flitting.

Children delight in them; attempt to ensnare them in their nets. Grownups too, long to harness their essence in design. But overt illustrations may feel too precious or cliche. Too literal for this most metaphorical of beasts.

Perhaps then, through objects equally suggestive of delicacy and grace, can one finally capture the butterfly’s flight.

Valentino Dress via Simon James; rose petal dessert by Kwestia Smaku

knot via My Little Fairy Tale; paper yarn necklace from PaperPhine; 20’s hem dress at Pip-Sqeak Chapeau

jewel collared dress by Massimo Dutti; giant leopard moth by Ronnie Pitman

wings and wire costume via BLOOM; Pringles Lounge Chairs by Nathan Yong

butterfly apron by Lieschen Mueller; “Butterflies” by Aliette

Special thanks to some of my talented pinterest friends: SAND, Gunn Kristin Monsen, A Merry MishapIaia Cocoi, and Deborah Beau for your inspiration.

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