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August 15, 2012

Yesterday, I wrote about how being on the Island means letting go. Both literally and figuratively. With no running water, it’s a little harder to take a daily shower. (Forget about hair styles and makeup!) This close to nature, there will be bugs on your food and dirt in your toes.

But the Island also means letting go in terms of style. Or more precisely, it’s a lesson in making due with what you have. Here is not the place for perfection – exquisite linen towels and fine china. Instead, random flea market finds and wonky homemade furniture, odd bits and pieces, extras and cast offs reign. Here also everything is out in the open – there are no hidden cabinets for the tools. The food is shelved, not tucked in a cupboard. Your toiletries, dishes, supplies are all on full view.

All these hurdles provide the ultimate interior design test. (Because, let us be clear, “letting go” does not mean ignoring your surroundings.) When faced with odds and ends and no means of hiding things away, you can’t cheat. You have to get creative. The dark stone interior can’t be helped, so use brights to enliven it, and whites to create a dramatic chiaroscuro effect. Embrace the rustic vibe – orange life jackets as a design element? Yes! Use your imagination – employing a sheet as a table cloth, an old lantern as a candle holder. Group things: blue nylon sleeping bags would never be my design choice, but paired with a cobalt lantern and vintage sack cloth rug, they work. Finally, above all, use Nature to its best advantage.

In the end, I found decorating the cabin not to be a challenge at all, but rather a totally liberating experience. Freed from the tyranny of perfection, I discovered new avenues of expression. I broadened my aesthetic horizons and unearthed new dimensions in myself. Best yet, it was totally fun.


admiring the view from the dining table

fruit and sea lavender

outdoor kitchen


lobster buoys

kid’s corner

napping Solvi

napping Olie


candlelight supper


table detail

Island dishes

exterior on a rainy day

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