concrete & steel coleman stool

June 29, 2011

I rather like this Concrete and Steel Coleman Stool, especially in green! It’s different, with all those wonderful contrasts I love: modern yet earthy, industrial but soft, graceful yet grounded. Designed by Greta de Parry, a graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, this sleek stool is hand crafted using steel rods which are submerged right into a custom stone aggregate/concrete mixture during casting. Thus it is sturdy as well as sustainable. A self-described “Rosie the Riveter of sorts, with an admiration for the dainty, chameleon-like qualities of Blanche Dubois,” Greta notes that she appreciates in furniture the same qualities she does in friends: playfulness, resourcefulness, emotionally stability, and uniqueness of character. I can’t help but respond to descriptions like that and I think they’re perfectly captured in this stool.

Available in different heights, the Coleman stool is totally customizable.

Below are a few other great pieces from Greta’s collection.

Toad Stools

Synthesis Bench made from locally sourced hardwoods

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