dandelions: a collection

September 17, 2012

photo by Basic Label Sweden

Longtime readers may remember my post about the breathtaking dandelion installation by Swiss artist Regine Ramseier. Since then my fondness for the art and design of this humble weed has not dwindled. There is something powerful about a flower, so plain and common in life, that reaches its pinnacle of beauty and dynamism at the moment of death, just before the winds of time sweep it away for good.

Pedestal,’ 2011, dandelion seeds and a taxidermy heron, by UK artist Claire Morgan

dandelion light by Drift; ‘Kleine Ansammlung’ by Danish artist Christiane Löhr; macro photo of dandelion fluff by Carla Dyck

dandelion wine designed by Hara Design Institute, Japan

dandelion in wax paper via The Feathered Nest; dandelion specimen from Tisane Infusion

clockwise from the left: details of Lonneke Gordijn’s ‘Fragile Future,’ subtitled ‘electronics and dandelions'; dandelions in a gold vase via Love Your Place

wedding scene with Ikea maskros lights: photo and styling by Lo Bjurulf, via CocoCozy

Wedding theme inspired by ‘Dandelion Wine’ by Ray Bradbury. Concept by the team of Sara from Sara Gray Photography, Kim and Bonnie from Punch, and Kathy from The Party Place. Via Elizabeth Anne Designs;

above from the left: photo by Donna Watson; photo by Basic Label Sweden; dandelion ring by Sabrina Meyns

detail ‘dandelion’ moving sculpture by Laird Lanier; dandelion lights by OOOMS, via White Bleeding Heart Inspiration

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