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November 19, 2012

Sometimes, I feel like I’m the only design blogger in the world who isn’t universally crafty. I don’t whip up wonders with washi tape and have never owned a glue gun. I don’t knit nor crochet (though I’d like to) or decoupage. When I throw a dinner party, it’s all I can do to get food on the table with candles and a simple bouquet. Theme? What theme? See why I feel so alone.

Truthfully, I didn’t really feel my deficiencies until I had kids. While other bloggers delighted with cupcake towers and matching cake banners, I was deep into last-minute, less-than-photo-worthy decor.

This year, Olie’s 7th was shaping up much the same, until a Facebook post saved my bacon. My friend Jenna, was promoting her friend Sara’s site, Caravan Shoppe, of absolutely beautiful, extremely affordable, and really easy, printable party decor. We’re talking everything you need for an entire theme, emailed right to your computer! With something so effortless staring me in the face, how could I not take advantage?

So here are the results. I did the cutting, but the kids did the pasting – which is why it’s a little wonky – but I just think that adds to the character. Yes, I was still cutting corners and doing things last minute, so I didn’t quite do Sarah’s creativity justice. It’s not perfect (I wish I could have shot this in a repainted dining room!), but a perfectly executed party is, after all, not me. Still, I hope it was enough to show that I care, and to instill in my children just a bit more craftiness than I seem to possess.

To show you what it looks like when you really put Sara’s creativity to work, here are two inspired Thanksgiving themes.

For Solvi’s party next spring, I’m going with an animal theme, so I can use Caravan’s adorable party hats.

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