do design, madrid

March 7, 2013

Discovered via Kickcan and Conkers, the serene space of the Madrid-based design concept store, Do Design, is calling to me from across the water. An integrated design space, the store features an ever-changing array of goods and exhibits in the areas of fashion, art, and design. A total immersion in design, there is even a cafe and areas for collaborative experiments.

Looking at a place like Do Design — a soaring loft of light filled with beauty, where even in photos the energy is palpable, I am reminded of just how powerful design can be. It is not trivial, it is essential to who we are. Our very ability to create art to improve our surroundings so that they inspire us to something beyond base survival, this is what marks us apart from the animal kingdom. It is culture. It is intrinsic to our nature.

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