dream fox by mr. finch

May 3, 2013

Ever wonder if the things you covet in blogs are really as good in person? I know I’ve sometimes been disappointed by either the quality or execution of something I ordered, that was not as I hoped or expected.

Not so with Mr. Finch. Believe it or not, his work is even better in person!

Pictured here is a sleeping fox that Finch made as a birthday present for my aunt Jessie, whose characterful menagerie you may remember here. I can’t say enough about this work. It is stunning and evocative on so many levels. It is expressive from every angle, from his rounded haunches to his tucked-up paws. He is sweet and vulnerable in his fetal position, like a baby cradled in the blanket of his protective parents. And yet, his clever eyes and ever-alert ears reveal that he is still a wild animal, full of natural impulses, innocent, but still untamed by the temperance of adulthood. Though small he is an archetype for something much larger. The painted stars on his legs speak of a future as limitless as the universe, yet also as intangible, not for us to control. He is a totem of potential. A weaver of dreams.

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