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September 28, 2012

Last weekend had us pondering possible lighting solutions for the beds in my Aunts’ house. We all felt that the little tables and lamps were too fussy, and we wanted to create a greater sense of drama in the design.

In the master bedroom above, we noted the lovely texture of the original lath and plaster walls, which we wanted to “frame” somehow. My suggestion: a combination of the two photos below: a hanging pendant (and no table) on the right, and an angled task lamp on the left.

For the guest bedroom below, in which the bed is flanked by lovely windows, I suggested eliminating the tables and lights altogether in favor of two delicate, swing arm lamps. These would create a dramatic sculptural element which would complement the lithe bed frame, but at the same time provide a little industrial contrast.

What do you think?

Problem: Bedside lights in my Aunt’s master bedroom are too small in scale. We like all the space above, but felt it wasn’t defined enough. Also we didn’t want to simply add a big piece of art because that would compete with the striking piece (by my Aunt Jessie, see below) on the adjacent wall.

Solution: Create the same dynamic as in this image with a vertical element on one side and an angle on the other. Instead of a ladder one could use a pendant like the one below or simply put a clip lamp on the ladder. Image via Father Rabbit Limited.

above: styling by Susanna Vento. photo by Kristiina Kurronen

Problem: Too much going on distracts from the lovely bed and airiness of the guest bedroom. 

Solution: Add lighting like that above to enhance the drama of the room. Photo by Paul Massey.

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