August 30, 2011

Lest you think I don’t practice what I preach, I do. Most of the time…. But my cottage is a beautiful place and because of this, I do sometimes find myself falling into the pit of perfection that I’m always cautioning against. For instance it drives me bonkers when my husband leaves his basic black backpack out in the bedroom. It’s not that bad, it just offends the whole zen aurora of this space.

But this year, blogging plus motherhood has meant that it is impossible to keep up with repairs as well as a regular cleaning regime. As a result I’m not only coming to live with, but actually discovering the beauty of my summer home in its imperfect state.

Take the photo above for example. A few mornings ago, I looked at my sink and loved the picture I saw there. But before I got my camera, my first instinct was to remove the rubber glove, because it’s just a cheap, ugly thing. (I used to have nice “designy” ones, but they recently died. So I just grabbed these at the grocery store.) But then I saw the glove not just for what it was, but in terms of how it contributed to the whole. It actually makes the composition! The corn color is great with the yellow sink, and I love the way the finger is pointing at the drip. It adds humor, life!

Now the drip itself is another story. Of course, I called the plumber to fix it, only to find out that they no longer make any parts for my old faucet, so I would need to replace the whole thing. NOT A CHANCE! The faucet is half the character of my sink. So I have to live with the drip. (Enviro’s out there, don’t worry. If I flip the little handle by the spigot, I can get it to stop. It’s a pain to always remember to do this, but I do.)

When I looked at this photo, I saw in it some important life lessons. Sometimes you have to live with the drips in order to achieve a greater good. At times the nicks and dings and things that are not quite right actually add character and depth. And every once in a while letting go means letting new experiences in. (But no, my husband still can’t keep his backpack in the bedroom.)

Some more inspiring bits of imperfections noticed of late:

The kids love to hide in the laundry basket and at this point have pretty much destroyed it. Next year I’ll get a new one, but for now I love the way it looks with my daughter’s not so carefully stowed pjs.

As if anticipating today’s project, the roses in my bathroom just dropped their petals. There is something quite exquisite about this state of delicate decay.

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