drywell – quality meat art by alyson thomas

August 25, 2011

San Francisco is for Carnivores

I relish a good sense of humor. In fact, laughter is such a core part of my family dynamic that, honestly, I don’t quite know how to interact with people who are too serious. Which must be why I so totally relate to Alyson Thomas of Drywell. Her art is funny. Her tag line, “quality meat art,” is witty. Her story, quite humorous and wry.

Originally from suburban Texas, Alyson Thomas “escaped” to California, but she clearly never abandoned her meat-loving roots. At some point Alyson became “authorized to put an Esq.” after her name, but then left her day job as a lawyer to pursue a career in art, despite a lack of formal training. Alyson “basically draws things that make her laugh” (usually meat) and tries to “figure out the meat-analogous sub-components of everything” she sees. Such an un-lofty artist statement! I love it.

But in all seriousness for a moment folks, despite the fact that I’m finding it hard not to use a million meat puns to describe Alyson’s work (raw, meaty, something you can sink your teeth into…), Alyson’s art is actually more than just funny. Bottom line, before you even notice the humor, you are drawn in by her simple yet bold graphics, which are beautifully rendered in charcoal, watercolor or ink. The animals’ friendly, fatty forms are oddly iconic (like Warhol’s soup cans) and as comforting as the comfort food they represent. No matter how self-deprecating Alyson is, regardless of how droll her statement, her art is substantial. The wit is really just more meat on the bone.

cow butchery diagram print

Seattle Local Eats poster
Lamb Butchery

Colorblock Pork

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