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July 27, 2011

I’m treating you to a double feature over the next couple days. That’s because Estudio Manus is so prolific, that it will take more than one post to cover all that this multi-disciplanary design studio does! Today I present their gallery and shop with a selection of this Brazilian couple’s beautiful and innovative objects. Stay tuned for more inspired interiors by this dynamic design duo.

Founded in 1999 by husband and wife Daniela Scorza and Caio de Medeiros from Sao Paulo, Estudio Manus is a design studio that, in addition to running and curating their own shop, also designs everything from objects, to furniture, interiors, architecture as well as event and set designs! (You see why it’s going to take me 2 days to adequately feature their work!) No matter the scale, all their work¬†represents a fusion between contemporary as well as old, rare or ethnic elements. Thus their shop is a tantalizing mixture of their own unique creations alongside vintage treasures and rare curios.

Often in their designs, Daniela and Caio¬†take old items and re-purpose them for the modern world. Often their work references their Brazilian origins, and frequently there is a sense of humor and whimsy in their pieces. But always their is a graceful balance to their work, a subtle tension between elements that serves to complement as much as it contrasts. It might be a refinement that tempers the humor, a sinuous curl that softens a straight edge, a sensuous fabric against cold metal, or a muted tone next to a bright sheen. It’s just enough to keep any one aspect from being too overwhelming – too pretty, too weird, too precious, too irreverent. It’s just enough to surprise you and keep you intrigued.

Above and below: selections from Estudio Manus’ porcelain animal, “bichos” dishes. Made in collaboration with a local factory, these plates feature designs taken from Brazilian naturalist illustrations that are hand stamped onto the dishes.

Above and Below: a selection of lamps and accessories including, above: “Bourgeois and a beggar” lamps wrapped in silk and an old blanket scrap respectively; “Cone Lamp” a reproduction 1920’s brass lamp with hand shaped parchment shade; and below: lamp made with antique map; and brass hanging lamp hook.

Smile “Sorriso” Bowl

Buddha Bowls

Numbers Bowl, part of another line of porcelain dishes

Decanter made from chemical glassware

Above and below: shots of the studio/gallery itself. Architecture, interiors, displays and objects all by Estudio Manus.

I have but scratched the surface of Estudio Manus’ collection. You can view its vast entirety here.

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