experiments with live christmas trees and gilded nuts

December 5, 2013

While prepping a post on live (potted) Christmas trees for Gardenista this week, I was inspired to create a decorative scheme that was as organic as our new evergreen. Therefore, the kids and I set about gilding nuts and pasting ribbons, cutting reindeer and stringing golden leaves. The resulting natural, golden wonkiness was really quite pretty, yet refreshingly informal and unstudied.

If you’re interested in having a live tree that you can plant in your yard later, see my DIY on Gardenista.


Solvi, ever the avid creator, gets started.

After school, Olie also joined in.

We also gilded some beechnuts.

Our walnuts were finished with small brass nails and a little metallic ribbon from Angela Liguori.

Made these using a template from Lilla A’s blog.

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