Factory 20

February 1, 2012

Apparently I’ve had my head in the sand, because I only just discovered Factory 20 (via Daryl McHahon). In case you’ve likewise been distracted by work, family, life, et. al., I thought I’d share.

Based out of Abingdon, VA, Factory 20 is a multi-disciplinary art and design collective dedicated to preservation and promotion of iconic, salvaged goods. Their eye for items of intrinsic beauty is un-erring. But what is perhaps even more special about this shop, is their ability to translate their vision through inspired styling and photography.

Factory 20 is particularly adept at helping one see how to use vintage goods to modern effect. With focussed lighting, a textured setting, and minimal accessories, they create sense of drama around each item, as if it were a character in a play. These storied vignettes serve to bring the objects to life. So instead of appearing dead and dated, they give the impression of being timeless.

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