faye moorhouse

November 21, 2011

articulated zebra doll

I don’t know if it’s my American ears, but to me Faye Moorhouse’s name sounds like the stuff of novels. I expect our plucky heroine to be the imaginative kind, that flits with ease between the physical and fantasy realms. Perhaps then, it is no accident that the real Faye Moorhouse is a gifted illustrator and quite a fantastical one at that. An honors graduate of The University for the Creative Arts in Maidstone, Kent, Faye creates characters and landscapes that teeter between the whimsical and the profound, the light-hearted and the dark. At times her work reminds me of French films like “The Triplets of Belleville,” seemingly innocent and charming cartoons with themes that are really much more adult. At other times, Faye just seems to indulge in pure fun. It is clear that Faye enjoys exploring myriad mediums and avenues of expression, from garlands to dolls and even dinner plates. As such there is a mercurial dynamism to Faye’s simple renderings. Whether cute or curious, Faye’s work is always intriguing.

For a complete catalog, see Faye’s website.

mankini man doll

Christmas cat bunting
cat hoard print

forty faces

cat plate

people cup

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