fideli sundqvist – tasteless feast

January 28, 2013

Last week, I featured the breathtaking work of Swedish paper artist, Cecilia Levy. Today I bring you another talented paper artist from Sweden: Fideli Sundqvist. Working in the same medium, the work of these two artists shares a deep sense of story. And yet, in many ways they are quite different. Where Cecilia’s pieces tend to be more ethereal and introspective, Fideli’s work, especially her fantastical paper cuts for kids, is more often bright and jubilant. Or, in the case of her still lives with food, a little dark and downright succulent.

To achieve this kind of sensual lusciousness with paper is quite a feat. And it sets up a fascinating paradox between the senses and the mind. Intellectually, you know that it’s dry, tasteless paper – in fact the title of this series is “Tasteless”. Even so your eyes and tastebuds urge you to take a big bite!

And then there are the bugs. Natural and low, they enhance the earthiness of these pieces, as well as the ick-factor. And yet it’s all so intricate and lovely that you can’t look away. Beautifully styled by Joanna Lavén, Sundqvist’s still lives may indeed be tasteless, but they are nonetheless a feast for the eyes… and mind.

Originally from Uppsala, artist/designer Fideli Sundqvist grew up in a creative household. After high-school she moved to Stockholm, studying first at Nyckelviksskolan and then at Konstfack, from which she obtained a degree in illustration and graphic design. Today this prolific artist’s work includes, paper cut, prop-and-graphic design, as well as illustration.

Still life: “Smaklöst” – Photographer: Olivia Jeczmyk; Stylist: Joanna Lavén

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