five from the ground

February 23, 2012

The Tatami room of the traditional Japanese shop that FIVE FROM THE GROUND proprietors Miwa and Yosuke Narizuka renovated themselves. It took them four years to find the beautiful, antique, Japanese doors.

When Miwa and Yosuke Narizuka travel, they do so with an empty trunk. This is so they can fill it with vintage treasures for at their exquisite shop: FIVE FROM THE GROUND.

With nothing more than their “instincts” acting as a curator’s guide, Miwa and Yosuke troll the flea markets of Europe in search of rare items with a story. Things that someone, sometime had loved, that are looking for a new somewhere to be treasured.

Once back in Japan, the new adventures of these objects are not hard to conceive. For Miwa and Yosuke’s gift not only extends to discovering precious goods, but also to styling and photographing them. Arranged in storied vignettes and sumptuously shot in sepia tones, their items appear like central characters in a play awaiting the opening curtain. And so a pair of old glasses resting on a vintage book, or an antique watering can left by the door, appear ready to take up where they left off. Ready to begin again, in a new place, at a new time.

All photos copyright FIVE FROM THE GROUND and Miwa and Yosuke Narizuka. Used with their permission.

Above: antique goods at the FIVE FROM THE GROUND shop share a table with lovely and delicate Wire Works by Masao Seki.

Found via Daryl McMahon.

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