floral garland fit for spring: designskool, studio carta collaboration no. 6

May 5, 2016

Designskool, Studio Carta collabl garland, pink tulip detailAngela and I decide to brighten up what has been an otherwise gloomy week in Boston, with a fresh and breezy spring garland. Using nothing more than Studio Carta ribbons and pastel blooms, it only took us 1/2 hour to conjured a simple garland. Casual, yet romantic, and oh-so-easy, it’s perfect for Mother’s Day, birthdays, weddings and showers.

Designskool-Studio Carta collab garland, suppliejpgSupplies: With a wedding or shower in mind, we choose a pastel assortment of Studio Carta wide loose and tight weave ribbon in natural cotton and wide metallic loose weave. Of course, by using different ribbons and flowers, this garland can be adapted to fit any palette.

Designskool-Studio Carta collab garland, flowersSupplies 2: For this garland you want some type of vine, plus long-stemmed flowers of your choice. As this loosely structured garland does not use any florist foam, be sure to pick blooms that won’t immediately wilt.

We opted for winding jasmine vines, bell-like fritillaria, pink tulips and a cluster flower we found at Trader Joes. Tip: The length of your garland will determine how many blooms you need.

Other supplies include thick twine, scissors and something to with which to secure the flowers to the twine. We used Studio Carta’s soon-to-be released gold embroidery thread (below), because we liked the suble shine. You could also use floral wire.

Designskool-Studio Carta collab garland, step 1_edited-1Step 1: Cut you twine to the desired length. Then loosely wind you vine around the twine. For a more whimsical and romantic quality, drape the ends of your vine.
Designskool and Studio Carta collab garland, Step 2Step 2: Begin to work in your flowers. Like the vines, we let some of our blooms drape beneath the garland.

Designskool and Studio Carta collab garland, Step 3Step 3: Once your flowers are in place, secure them with thread or wire.

Designskool and Studio Carta collab garland, Step 3b

Studio Carta and Designskool collab garland, ribbonStep 4: Cut your ribbons to approximately the same length. Then using one-at-a-time, loosely wrap them around your garland. Rather they tying ours, we secured the ribbons be weaving them in and out of the greens.

Designskool, Studio Carta collab garland, final_edited-2Above: A section of our finished garland draped in a simple arch on a white wall in Angela’s studio. You could also hang it from the ceiling or, for a centerpiece, lay it down the length of a table.

Designskool, Studio Carta collabl garland, final on black_edited-1Above: Also dramatic on Angela’s black chalk wall. Here we opted for an undulating drape.

Studio Cart, Designskool collab garland, navy ribbon_edited-2

Designskool, Studio Carts collab garland, Fruitillaria

Designskool and Studio Carta collab garland, peach ribbon and tulip F

Studio Carta, Designskool collabl garland, vertical drop

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