frick and frack scraps

July 7, 2011

weathered pine coat rack

It’s turning out to be “rustic week” here on designskool with my latest find: Frick and Frack Scraps. Founded by two buddies, Tommy and Bradley, the shop was inspired by “beer and their wives’ project lists,” as well as endless conversations about how things work. Besides the subtle sense of humor in their products (and personalities), I appreciate the eclectic nature of their work. Many of the recycled bits and pieces they use come from the 1900s feed mill where they make their unique creations (and which also inspires their designs). They both love functional pieces. Bradley is more influenced by the clean lines of craftsman style, while Tommy channels a more laid back, coastal vibe. An unusual formula perhaps, but it works. For despite the ad hoc nature of their approach, there is no denying that these two friends have an “eye” for what works together. Their pieces are at the same time quite rich in texture but minimal in form. They are funky and rusticly charming, original and full of character… perhaps just a little like their creators.


carryall tote

cider carrier with applewood handle

Also check out the six pack carrier, as well as many other fabulous thingamabobs at Frick and Frack Scraps.

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