furze chan and ferse verse

June 27, 2011

book vase

I have been meaning to write about Furze Chan‘s colorful DYI puppets for a while now. (I think they are positively inspired!) So this weekend as I was preparing my writeup, I happened to delve deeper into the work of this gifted artist/designer from Hong Kong. I’m so glad I did! It turns out her creations are many, varied and invariably wonderful! Her diminutive objects have the same playful charm as precious childhood treasures. But they are saved from being too “cute” by sophisticated design and/or an elemental beauty.

Chan is truly a prolific artist, and I have included only a snippet of her impressive collection here. I love her series of small books, including the book vase and gold and silver set pictured here, but others are also worth a look. Likewise one should not miss a view of all of her puppets. They have such character, I feel they just leaped out of a Grimm fairy tale or Aesop’s fable. Her line of paper goods and envelopes is also well worth a browse. AND recently Chan opened her own drygoods shop, Ferse Verse, featuring more unique treasures, like the best sewing needles that you’ve ever seen or this leaf-filled pillow, which is as tactile as it is lovely. All are exquisitely packaged making them the perfect gift for loved ones or yourself!

Chan is constantly coming up with new wonders (like these silver teeth) and DIY projects, so it’s worth subscribing to her blog. Now that I’ve discovered this well spring of creativity, I, myself, will be checking in often.

book vase

Booksmith: Gold and Silver

silver tooth

penguin puppet

rabbit puppet

fox and monkey puppets

emblic leaf pillow

emblic leaves

rainbow pencil

bamboo spoon set

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