good intent

October 5, 2011

As cold weather encroaches, those of us in Northern climes turn our thoughts to cozy covers and snug blankets. And camping. Fall is often the best time to commune with Nature because it’s neither too hot nor too buggy. But many find standard sleeping bags too hot and cramped (not to mention ugly), while comforters are too drafty.

Such was the experience of interior designer Kate of Good Intent on a recent camping trip to Cornwall. Her inspired efforts to solve the problem resulted in these beautiful quilted sleeping bags. Outside each bag is crafted from unbleached Indian cotton and features lovely hand tied details. Inside, those of us with more modern sensibilities may chose a lining in a contrasting hue, while traditionalists may opt to snuggle down next to an English floral or stripes. To ensure a comfy fit, Kate’s designs are available in different sizes. They can even be unzipped and used as a duvet. Yay! Just another clever way in which interior style is making its way out.

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