grass flowers

June 27, 2014

peony and grass

The more time I spend in my cottage the more “decorative objects” I take away. Am I getting more minimal? In a way, but really what I’m doing is leaving room for the ephemeral – cut flowers, which, week by week mark the progress of the season, reflect my changing mood.

So far this summer, all of my arrangements have included grass.

While partaking in a time-honored family tradition of harvesting fresh flowers preferably some of which are not your own, I ventured across the road to Gramma’s garden. It still hosts her favorite blooms, but since her death it has gone to seed a bit, allowing tall grasses to spring up amongst the plants. I liked the way they looked. So I included some in my arrangement.

To everyone else these weeds add texture, height, and “visual interest” to my bouquets. But to me, while the flowers remind me of Gramma’s life, the grass acknowledges her death. And for some reason that seems important right now.

hot pink roses and grass

dorothy perkins roses


feverfew detail

peony and grass detail

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