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December 19, 2012

The story of Haand Ceramics begins long ago with two boyhood friends.┬áMark Warren and Chris Pence grew up together in Jacksonville, FL, sharing experiences of “strip malls and pink flamingoes.” But as often happens, college and young adulthood took them separate ways. While Chris was training to become a CPA, Mark was studying sculpture in New England. Mark then went on to work for the grandfather of American studio slip-casting, Tom Spleth. And so, it wasn’t until 2011, that the two decided to merge their business and artistic talents with the formation of Haand.

Together from their studio in the rural piedmont of North Carolina, Mark and Chris craft modern porcelain tableware that is minimal and refined, but also earthy and extemporaneous. Employing deep, but largely monochromatic white or blue glazes, they mostly let form guide the individual character of their pieces. The results are fluid and dynamic. Their organic shapes pitch and undulate, lending both grace as well as whimsy to the collection. Bearing the marks of creations with pride, each piece is utterly one-of-a-kind, making for a very personal collection. And thus, though the execution is fine, Haand’s tableware has an informal quality, meant for everyday use.

In their studio Mark and Chris’ practice is focussed on improving eficiency throughout the entire process, so there is little waste or unnecessary frills. Similarly, Haand’s pieces are designed to work together interchangeably, giving the user greater versatility.

Made from slip cast porcelain, a set of nesting bowls stack in a pleasingly wonky way.

Inspired by historical ceramic lab ware, Haand’s chemist cups come in a variety of sizes.

Haand’s nested squares and triangles have myriad uses and configurations.

Named for sleek and stealthy cats, Margay and Caracal plates are part of Haand’s Nesting Hunter series.

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