halloween menagerie

October 12, 2011

This Halloween, instead of disposable dime store decor, I might invest in some lasting treasures like the curious creatures in this menagerie. These critters are by some of my favorite Etsy artists. Beautifully crafted and utterly original they are works of art in and of themselves.

The rat and the crows are by Daria Lvovsky of The Art of Felting. Gorgeous and full of character, Daria’s animals are hand-felted from fine wools and silk. Each is quipped with a wire skeleton so it can be posed in all kinds of expressive ways. Her owls, vultures, and bats are perfect for Halloween as well.

The regal bats are by Mollie Greene of Royal Buffet. Lithe and beautiful, her paper mobiles and other creations are even more impressive in person, when you can see their subtle movements.

The snowy owl mask is by Oregon-based Sundries and Plunder whose entire collection of animal disguises are wondrous and magical. Each mask is hand cut, tooled and sculpted from a single piece of leather and then painted with these fantastical designs. From koalas to gold finches, there is sure to be something for the whole family.

Finally, the spider and dead bird are by Mister Finch, a soft sculpture artist from Leads, England. Fashioned from rich fabrics and adorned with bits of fancy, Finch’s creations look like something out of a fairy tale. His fish and moths are also brilliant.

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