happy (belated) birthday to me!

November 27, 2012

Sometimes the best birthday presents are ones that arrive, out-of-the-blue, 6 months late.

Imagine my surprise when a large package from Brazil (of all places!) arrived on my porch yesterday. In it I was delighted to find two gorgeous bowls from Estudio Manus. There’s a story there.

Closer to the actual date of my birthday, my mother happened to be departing for a bird watching trip in Sao Paulo. I had recently completed two features on Estudio Manus, located there, and so I asked if she could pop in on them and buy one of their gorgeous jaguar plates for my birthday. Well unbeknownst to me, Sao Paulo is a reallllly big place, and Mom’s birding adventure was actually outside the city, so long story short, no bowl. (Though I did get a swanky pair of sparkly sandals.)

I mentioned this amusing story to Caio during an email exchange over a Remodelista post. And lo, a few months later, not one, but two, jaguar bowls arrived made especially for me! Of course you know that beautiful items are made even more special when there is a story and personal connection behind them. So now these are among my absolute favorites. Thank you so much, Daniela and Caio!!!

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