happy new year!

January 1, 2012

The first day of 2012 is glorious!

Here on Cape Cod, where at this time of year we’re used to near zero temperatures, Mother Nature and Baby New Year welcomed us with 50 degree sunshine. (The last time we had a New Year’s Day this warm was the year I was born – so I’m going to take that as a good omen for this year to come.)

With such vernal weather, we just had to take a walk. Mom, who used to ride her horse through “these parts” of Pleasant Bay, suggested the causeway through the marsh. I wish I had words to adequately describe the sheer beauty of a wintry landscape temporarily released from its torpid slumber. The light was silvern gold; the air was actually sweet!

But at least I can convey with pictures the striking prospect that awaited us at trail’s end. Cresting a meadowed hill right at water’s edge, sat a summer cottage complex owned by family friends. Shuttered for the season, it was made even more arresting in its hibernating state – the structures like ghosts of summer all shrouded and cold. Peaking in the windows – where stacked chairs and bed rows spoke of maximum capacity usage, and regatta flags echoed the cheers of races won – we could sense the hectic pace of summer in this place. But for now it rests still. Perchance lifting its lids just a little today, as my children’s feet scampered across the porch, it took note of the brilliant sun on the Bay and thought dreamily of balmy adventures to come. But then it noted the barren field and leafless limbs and thus settled back into winter’s slumber for at least a few more months to come.

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