heidi swanson is sharp!

November 19, 2013

I have to say, I never fail to open emails from Heidi Swanson announcing the latest from her intimate shop, Quitokeeto. Even if there is nothing new, I sometimes just like to lose myself in the serene images of her pristine, marbled kitchen.

But currently, it’s her collection of knives that has me pining for a little more discretionary income. By Coltellerie Berti from Italy and Pallarès Solsona of Spain, these elegant slicers are beautifully balanced and lithe. I especially love the warm bone and wooden handles. A soft touch against the hard steel.

Pallarès Solsona pocket knife (hand made, carbon steel blade with naturally shed deer antler handle)

Coltellerie Berti Chef’s knife (hand made, stainless steel with lucite handle)

Pallarès Solsona kitchen knife (hand fashioned, carbon steel blade with boxwood handle)

Pallarès Solsona cleaver (hand made, carbon steel blade with boxwood handle)

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