herriott grace

February 22, 2012

one of a kind, hand turned cherry pedestal

The world of Herriott Grace is one I could get lost in. Not only are the creations by Lance and Nikole Herriott beautiful, but they are also so expertly styled and shot that I don’t just want to bring home each item, but the entire Herriott Grace vibe!

As is often the case with shops that are this special, there is a story behind it. Lance Herriott and his daughter, Nikole, live on opposite sides of the North American continent – he in British Columbia; she in Toronto, Ontario. To bridge the distance, Lance started sending little packages to Nikole, often including his rare and exquisite hand carved spoons. Recognizing their intrinsic grace, Nickole convinced her father to share his talents with the rest of the world. This he agreed to do, “but only with people that understood and cared about the time and effort spent on each piece.” Thus Nikole, though her lovely styling and photography, created the world of Herriott Grace.

For more of the Herriott’s life and times be sure to visit Nikole’s blog, Forty-six at Grace, featuring recipes, adventures, and inspirations, as well as the latest items to hit the shop.

hand formed, porcelain juicer, inclusively for Herriott Grace

handmade cake flags

an assortment of handmade wooden objects including, a yew serving spoon, an old growth fir bowl, and pastry cutters

part of the expanded collection: linen tea towels with flag illustrations by Shanna Murray; and HG porcelain pedestals made, in collaboration with Jaimie Robson of AM, from casts of HG’s wooden pedestals

oak breakfast plate

porcelain dessert plates

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