in the light of yet another snow day…

February 1, 2011

I’ve never liked the color of my neighbor’s house. In most lights it’s just a cold, flat, kinda deadly blue. But today I looked out the window and saw how something about the light of a snow day transformed it into a rich indigo. I saw how that now lively hue perfectly offset the falling snow, how the gold tones of the dead branches beneath added their own warmth to the scene, and how if I framed it just right with my camera, the whole thing might actually be charming. For the first time I came to appreciate that color, just a bit.

It’s a great lesson in design and, if I may wax philosophical for a moment, life. From now on I will look at things I dismissed as hopeless just a little longer, in another light, to see if I can bring out the life in something I had long considered dead.

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