inspired wood bins

January 27, 2011

Tinder boxes or wood bins are wonderful examples of what I like to call “living design.” This really has two meanings: 1) they are examples of something that we actually use in daily life, versus something that just looks pretty, and 2) by virtue of their functionality, the things themselves evolve or change, much as if they were alive. This means they can provide wonderful avenues of creative expression, offering weird and unexpected ways to add texture and layers to the home.

This year in New England, our fireplaces have seen a lot of action. So just how are we storing all that wood? Take a look.

Please note that these are all FUNCTIONING wood bins (of my family and friends). They were styled, but haphazardly, almost by accident. Aka, we experimented. We had leftover swags from the holidays, or found a cool stick, or just didn’t have another place to put the kids’ pinecone collection. And we kept an open mind as to what goes into a wood bin. Of course it also helps to have a really cool container to store all this haphazard inspiration!

And finally, I just had to share this. My friend Marnie got tired of venturing out into the cold to cut fire wood so she brought some trees in! It takes a true design genius to pull off a “log cutting in the living room” look.

Got an inspired way to store your firewood, please share.

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