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June 18, 2013


As promised here is more Joanna Concejo, the illustrator whose work I discovered via a tea towel on Remodelista.

Polish born, now living in Paris, Joanna Concejo is one of those rare illustrators whose work is as captivating for adults as it is for children. This universal appeal, I think, stems from Joanna’s ability to create subjects which are immediately engaging and then ultimately enigmatic. Mercurial pups or ruminative bears at first are playful and personable, but then there is something more… complex. It’s as if anthropomorphism is a double edged sword: the price of coming to tea is that they must also bare the heavier mantels of human consciousness.

Similarly Joanna’s compositions are seemingly simple and often intricately beautiful. But much like a piece of hand-stitched lace, they are deeply storied. There is fantasy and the fantastical at play here.┬áThe more you look, the more unexpected details catch your eye, the more layers are revealed, increasing your wonder and at the same time making you question your original assumptions. The whole scene then becomes precarious. At first merely charming, the delicately rendered and diminutive characters are now made all the more precious by the wide, open planes they inhabit. It’s as if this intimate scene is but one fleeting moment in a vast lifetime of unknowable adventures to come. Look away and it might be gone forever.

Read about Joanna’s work from her own lips in this interview from Oh Comely.



un peu de nostalgie

a my w placz

Some of Joanna’s work, including her whimsical tea towels and ceramics, is for sale at La Maison de Pompon.

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