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November 2, 2013

Schema, 2013

Wrapping up this week of the slightly macabre and subtly disquieting, I thought I’d share the stunning work of British artist Kate MccGwire, whom I discovered via Harriet Goodall. Kate’s work with feathers began one day when she started collecting pigeon feathers on the way to her Hampton studio. Now Kate benefits from the generosity of poultry farms all over the UK.

For me, the power of Kate’s work lies in her ability to evoke our most primordial urges and archetypal instincts. Serpentine forms – undulating and elemental – bring us right back to that uneasy time when Nature was not so tame. When forces like Tiamat or J√∂rmungandr ruled, filling us with a sense of awe and foreboding at both their beauty and potential for chaos. Though they are tantalizingly tactile and exquisitely detailed, one dare not succumb to the lure of Kate’s pieces, for fear ¬†you might waken a sleeping beast.

Cusp 2013

Cleave 2012

Wrest, 2009 and Flail, 2013

Shroud, 2013

Smother, 2013 and Splice, 2012

FINE, 2012

Evacuate, 2010

Evacuate (detail), 2010

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