kid serendipity

January 29, 2011

Anyone with small children knows that it can be a challenge, nighe an impossibility, to keep a clean house. Kids just leave their stuff everywhere! Needless to say, the constant mess can be a little trying for those parents who are more sensitive about design. But every once in a while, my kids surprise me by leaving their toys in a manner that is quite artful. I revel in these serendipitous moments.

My five-year-old son made this snowman for me in preschool. Isn’t he fabulous! Notice the three pipe cleaners sticking out of his head. That’s his hair. My son also chose to place his creation on this table. Couldn’t have picked a better spot myself. I like the way the birch tray offsets snowman’s white form, and I appreciate the tiny accent of color the nose provides to an area that’s frankly a bit pale. But what I really love is how the spiky needles of my cycad complement snowman’s electric hair. He’s just so fun! I’m keeping him right where he is.

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