leaf prints

April 16, 2013

Gramma came to whisk Olie away for an overnight yesterday, so while Solvi and I waited for the dryer repairman, we celebrated Spring Break in our own way: with leaf prints. I vaguely remember seeing a project like this on pinterest, but didn’t have the particulars, so we just winged it. We had so much fun gathering specimens and banging them with hammers, that the results hardly mattered. But I do like what we got: an ephemeral, homage to spring.

Here’s what we did:

First we gathered anything with an interesting color or shape in our yard. We were really just experimenting, so didn’t know what would work best. It turns out that leaves without too much water were preferable. Flowers and juicy leaves just became a blur.

Placing a piece of paper on a board, we arranged our specimens on top.

Then placing a second piece over the leaves, we taped the two papers together on the board, and then hammered away.

Finally we removed the tape, gently pealed the papers apart, and scrapped away any plant residue to reveal two leaf prints!

My favorite was this simple trio of sprouts.

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