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June 7, 2012

To me “valance” is a four-letter word. I’m all about naked windows, light! I’ll swap privacy for the sun streaming through my windows and the view of nature outside any day. I can barely do curtains (although my New England modesty does result in white linen shades in the bed and bath rooms). But heavy drapes make me feel like I’m in a cave.

And so the first step I took to make my new house my own was to remove the valances from the four huge windows in the living room. It was a bear of a job. Those suckers we really on there and so full of dust! (My head still itches.) But with the help of Aunties Sheila and Stephanie we (finally!) got them down.

It’s soooo much better. Even though my furniture ALL needs to be updated (I’m not a college student any more), and though I have yet to find any of my art, or really properly style the space, the living room is now my favorite place in the house. Amazing what a little (or a lot of) light can do.

living room “before”

living room “after”
The room is not nearly finished, but you can get a sense how much removing the drapes opened up the room, adding light particularly to the upper walls.

window 3 “before”

window 3 “after”

This is not a great shot, but I included it because it shows how long the windows are: about my height (5’6″). It can be hard to ascertain their length in photos because the windows are also unusually wide.

After the miserable task we did get a little punchy. Here’s Aunt Stephanie doing her best Carol Burnett doing Scarlet O’Hara.

Then I just got carried away taking pictures of all my wonderful windows.

south view

Now I just need to clean the windows. Yikes!

I can’t decide what to do about the wall paper. Everywhere else in the house, it’s dark or dull and needs to go, but I kind of like this old paper. I’m thinking that if I repaint the trim from this dingy off-white to a pale, fresh gray that the paper might work. What do you think?

And while we’re at it, here’s the dining room – before…

and after. How nice it will be with a warm gray on the walls.

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