lifeforms by liliana folta

April 2, 2015

Liliana Folta 2

I came across these small, sculptural gems at the recent holiday market at my house, and asked Laura from Templton General if I could photograph them. They are new works by local Boston artist, Liliana Folta. A departure from her previous, more iconic, work these intimate, abstract pieces nonetheless possess Liliana’s signature exploration of the boundaries between the beautiful and the bizarre.

Flora and fauna intertwined, these undulating lifeforms take us on a cyclical ride that is both nurturing and disquieting. At first our inherent optimism leads us to experience those pods as buds, unfolding with life. Or are they fungi initiating their recycling process?  Are those tendril forms reaching forth to take root? Or are they choking tentacles? Are we witness to nascent garden or Little Shop of Horrors? An exciting dance, small enough to be cupped in the palm of your hand, these works feel like a privilege. For though they are fluid and fecund, they are also brittle as bone. Take care of these emerging seeds, lest their fragile bodies turn to barrenness and dust.

Liliana Folta 3

 New works by Liliana Folta are available at Templeton General.

Liliana Folta 1

Liliana Folta 4

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