mano lietuviski namai

April 10, 2012

For me, one of the best benefits of internet globalization is that artisans, who may have here-to-fore whittled away in obscurity in their corners of the world, are now being “discovered” and promoted by a voracious online design community. Often with the help of fellow country men who open online shops to showcase goods from their homeland, these artists and designers are reaching consumers across the globe. We Americans can now puts our hands on (or at least gaze longingly at) goods from Scotland, Japan, Brazil… and Lithuania.

Discovered via HvH Interiors, Mano Lietuviski Namai or “My Lithuanian Home” is a beautiful collection of home wares from that region. Its founders, Lithuanian architects and designers Jelena Shauchikoviene and Jovita Pipiraite, clearly have an eye for simple yet striking products. Made from natural, richly textured materials, this earthy collection features hand-woven wool or cotton rugs and blankets, sleek wooden furniture and baskets, fine linens, and molded clay. Impressive and varied, MLN’s extraordinary selections have firmly put Lithuania on the design map.

A selection of goods at the physical shop in Vilnius. Linen loungewear and wool blankets hang above knit cushions as well as a wool and linen dog bed.

cozy cable blankets

a clutch of wool pillows

above: an assortment of the many goods available at Mano Lietuviski Namai

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