margo weyer

February 12, 2013

You know what they say about one person’s trash. Well, to artist Margo Weyer, this detritus is not just treasure, it’s art.

After 10 years working as a stylist for magazines and in interior design, Margo Weyer felt her creative energy was sapped. To get these juices flowing again, she took up running, and while on the road she noticed beauty amongst the rubbish that littered the street. These bits she began collecting, eventually composing them into works of art that became her Streetcombing Project.

In these pieces Margo Weyer causes us to rethink that which we have casually tossed aside as useless, ugly, or broken. Scrutinizing these found objects for their own instrinsic value, Margo sees past commonly-held concepts about an object’s worth. Viewing them not as at the end of a journey, but still on the path, she juxtaposing these diamonds in the rough with other ephemeral goods to bring forth a new identity, a new beauty and value. The resulting compositions are poetic and fragile. Haunting they are like spirits transitioning between two selves, yet hopeful. Ultimately, in raising this junk to the level of art, Weyer entreats us to reexamine and reassess our own debris, those characters, feelings, and episodes in our own lives, which we may have cast off, buried, or dismissed.

You can see more of Margo’s work on This is Paper. To follow Margo’s Streetcombing project and submit your own on her facebook page.

Photo by Ingrid van den Brand.

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